Crowdfunding – an alternative way to finance a project or business with the help of many individuals who invest small amounts.

Walden Woods is a project by people for people. Therefore, no banks will be involved. This project will only be realised through crowdfunding, co-creation, reciprocity and volunteers who care about Walden Woods.

Goal 1 – phase 1

After signing the contract in June, the challenge is to raise 7500,- euro before August 1st to reserve my 1000m2 Walden Woods.

I have already raised about half of this amount through my own savings and donations from friends. But time flies when you are busy discovering how to build a website and set up a crowdfunding. Only 10 more days and it is already August 1st. So I still really need your support!

Would you like to help me realise Walden Woods Retreat? Every donation – big or small – in the next 10 days is very welcome and makes me happy!

Your donation can be transferred to my special Walden Woods Account:

IBAN: NL 64 ASNB 8830 8842 78


Attnv Nadine Fillies, Arnhem stating Norway

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