In the middle of southern Norwegian nature, a village for people who love nature, people and Friluftsliv is emerging!

The Scandinavian life philosophy FRILUFTSLIV is the best thing you can do for yourself & your health. Come to Norway and experience the peace and wide open nature. Stay in one of my yurts and enjoy the ancient simplicity of these special step tents.

Friluftsliv – a philosophy to a healthy & happy life

Friluftsliv is not just a word or a term. It is a philosophy. A lifestyle. Loosely translated it would mean outdoor life but Friluftsliv is more than this. It is a Scandinavian Way of Life. Whether you live in busy urban Oslo or in the desolate Arctic North. It is the love and respect for nature. The best remedy during long dark days. But Friluftsliv is not just for the diehard outdoor freak who enjoys climbing, rafting or mountain biking, but also – and especially – on long summer days Frilufstliv stands for strolling with friends in nature, picnics or a leisurely evening stroll. There is even a special word for drinking a beer outside – UTEPILS.

A second term typical of the Nordic countries is HYGGE. Hygge and Friluftsliv are inextricably linked. Hygge means, in addition to cosiness, enjoying small things, geniality or coziness. Important ingredients for our village Walden Woods.

Yurts – B&B, Glamping and Retreat

Since my childhood I have dreamed of living in a Tiny House. Inspired by the children’s programme “Pusteblume”. Back then, it was still a cosy building site. The word Tiny House didn’t exist back then. A few years ago I was allowed to stay in a Mongolian yurt for a few days. Then I was completely sold. The dream of a cosy site hut became a dream of living in a YURT.

I want to share my dream of living in a yurt with you by realising a B&B, Glamping and Retreat Centre consisting of a number of yurts of different sizes in Walden Woods. A large one for group work like a week of Yoga in Norwegian Nature or a Lomi Lomi Training. Some smaller yurts as B&B and Glamping.

Retreat – Massages

If you book a yurt as a B&B or Glamping, you can also create your own small personal retreat and enjoy my offer of different massages. I am a therapeutic masseur for Integral Massage, Aroma Massage, Holistic Pulsing, Pregnancy Massage and Lomi Lomi. I am also a nutritionist. Pure and healthy food – but especially good food – will be part of your personal Retreat.

Can’t you wait for Walden Woods Retreat in Norway to open? Then come and get acquainted with my massages here in the Netherlands.

More about my practice and massages under Walden Woods Retreat NL and on my practice site:

Walden Woods Retreat

Walden Woods Retreat will be part of the village Walden Woods. In this village I will be able to call 1000m2 my own in a while. Surrounded by 240ha of forest, nature, a private lake and a growing group of beautiful people who, like me, realise a dream of nature, space and FRISLUFTLIV.

Are you curious about Walden Woods and our plans? Maybe you even want to be part of Walden Woods?

Here you can find more information about Walden Woods: